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                          About The Museum   


         The HONOLULU MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY POP is one of three companies own & operated by the Hawaii National Music Foundation of the Pacific.

The non-profit 501(c)3 foundation founded in 1998, is a music education support organization that was skillfully designed as a complete music industry learning center. Its founder Kirk Thompson, is a dedicated supporter of Hawaii & the Pacific Rims, and its unique contemporary pop music history. He is also a supporter of all the gifted and talented national & international "recording artists" (past & present), that have & will continue to contributed to create a foundation of learning for future .  








As a Learning Center for those seeking a successful career in the Business of music, visitors to the museum enjoy a fascinating look into  Hawaii's popular music (Pop Music) history.  


Example: Albums/Record Labels/ Artist that line the walls. . . . . artists from Columbia Records, United Artist, Decca, CTI, Warner Bros, and more. (National Artists from Hawaii like Bette Midler, Bruno Mars, Yvonne Elliman, Don Ho, Arthur Lyman, Seawind, Cecilio & Kapono & many more.) 


Groups & artist who climbed to fame thru hard work/ dedication are documented & their story told for guest

using personal digital I-pad viewers.


Example: Thompson, also a founding member of the contemporary music group/album - Kalapana,  line the walls; and help tell the history of being the first Hawaii pop (group) to break the U.S. national pop charts in 1976.


The Foundations goal and mission is to perpetuate and preserve the National Achievements in the endowment arts (music), through specialized education programs 1) Assist and give preference to children and youth of the Hawaii, Foster the development of their highest potential as effective participants; and 3) Provide meaningful educational opportunities as resources permit. 

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